Levelling Process Example

Hi guys, long wait is over now hahahaahhaah here I already create example of super simple leveling process the company takes place in small medium enterprise which manages video based learning to client download this excel: leveling process-student ver  

26 Nov 2017

Business Process Reengineering

link: week 12 BPR link: week 13 Process Imrpovement (Benchmarking)

21 Nov 2017

Project Procurement Management

link: Project Procurement

19 Nov 2017

Measuring Process Performance & Continuous Improvement

slide: week 9-10 Measuring process performance slide: week 11 Continous Improvement

14 Nov 2017

Project Human Resource and Project Risk management

Human Resource: Project HR Risk: Project Risk Management

31 Oct 2017

Project Communication and Project Stakeholder Management

Project Communication: Project Communication Management Project Stakeholder:PROJECT STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT

31 Oct 2017

Project Management Final Assignment 2017

Hi Guys, Project Management Final Assignment contributes 40% for final score of PM, so please pay attention to this project. Every year the number of people who use Jalan Bojong Soang is increasing. The number also get double when Telkom University hold such Graduation Event, welcoming for freshmen and other events. The traffic congestion is

26 Oct 2017

Process Metrics and Project Quality Slide

link: Project Quality link Process Metrics: week 8 Process metrics

24 Oct 2017

Quote of the day

19 Oct 2017

Project Time & Project Cost Slide

slide for project cost and project time: Project Cost Management project time

12 Oct 2017
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